About Deportes Nation

As the world of media continues to evolve, we have set out to provide an independent-minded approach to sports journalism. Our approach is simple, objective, factual, and honest. Our world is multilingual, multi-cultural, and multi-faceted and we find ourselves in a unique position to tell those stories to a new generation.

At Deportes Nation, we will do our best to always ask the tough questions but without an agenda other than getting to the “truth” which is easier said than done. By the same token as the world of sports is entertainment, we will not take ourselves so seriously as to forget our purpose.

We thank you for your trust which we know we have to earn and keep on a daily basis and we are only as good as our most recent work.

Alex Parra

Founder, Deportes Nation

Vivimos en un mundo que continúa cambiando y evolucionando, nuestro compromiso aquí en Deportes Nation es presentarles el mundo deportivo en forma independiente, objetiva y honesta. Nuestro mundo es multicultural, multilingüe y nos encontramos en un momento único para mejor presentar notas y temas a una nueva generación.

Les damos las gracias por su apoyo y confianza y estamos consientes que solo somos tan confiables como nuestra mas recién publicación.

Alex Parra

Fundador, Deportes Nation

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